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Peter Sills

– an Anglican priest, pilgrimage leader and prayer guide. Welcome to his website!

Like many priests I have developed materials for Christian education and formation, and the main purpose of this website is to make these materials available to anyone who might find them helpful. They are freely available for use in parishes or by individuals. I also give details of recent and forthcoming pilgrimages, retreats and publications. New material is added from time to time, and details are given on this page.

What’s new?

1. LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS – Now available!

To be human is to hope. Taking to heart the petition in the Lord’s Prayer that the Kingdom shall come on earth as it is in heaven, I ask what it means to place our hope in Christ. What does it mean for human society and for us individually if we really want heaven on earth? The Christian hope is often thought of simply as a hope for the life to come, but, I argue, if we are true to Jesus’ prayer, then our hope cannot be limited to the life to come, but is also for the life here and now – as the Christian Aid slogan put it, We believe in life before death.
To find out how to obtain a copy, and for more information please go to the Books page. (July ’20)


While the Corona Season continues, I will be posting a weekly sermon based usually on the readings for the day. Previous services and sermons can be accessed on the Talks page.

  • September 27 – Trinity 16: BY WHAT AUTHORITY?  read now


Published in the autumn of 2019, Médard’s Journey brings together the talks that I gave on the 2014 and 2019 pilgrimages. It is based on the experiences of two medieval pilgrims, Médard, a wool merchant from La Chaise Dieu, and Robert, Under-Steward to the Vicompte Beaucaire. The reflections help us to enter into the world of medieval pilgrimage, and explore the spiritual journey of the two pilgrims – their questions and concerns have quite a contemporary ring! Details and a Review on the Pilgrimage page.
Médard’s Journey is illustrated, and is available in the print version only. Copies (£12) may be ordered via the contact page. (Dec ’19)

4. Pilgrimage Talks 

EXODUS – I have added the talks that I gave on a pilgrimage to Sinai and Jordan in the footsteps of Moses in 2009. (Jan ’20)