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Peter Sills

Anglican priest, pilgrimage leader and prayer guide. 

Welcome to his website!

Like many priests I have developed materials for Christian education and formation, and the main purpose of this website is to make them available to anyone who might find them helpful. They are available for use in parishes or by individuals.

I also give details of recent and forthcoming pilgrimages, retreats and publications. New material is added from time to time, and details are given on this page.


This year I led Holy Week at Holy Trinity Church, Hurstpierpoint. The talks I gave were entitled Follow Me: The Way of Jesus in a World of Conflict. They can be accessed here. 

PILGRIMAGE 2022 – Time Out in Tournay

In September this year I am taking a group for a week to the Benedictine Monastery at Tournay in south-west France. Full details on the Pilgrimage Page. 

Fortieth Anniversary of Ordination

October 4th 2021, St Francis’ Day, marked the 40th Anniversary of my ordination, which I celebrated together with my 80th birthday at a Sung Eucharist at Southwark Cathedral (where I was ordained) on October 8th. The theme of the service was Faithful is the One who Calls. The Order of Service and my Sermon may be read here: Service / Sermon.

I have produced two books to mark my anniversary: I WAS THERE and FAITHFUL IS THE ONE WHO CALLS, the fifth of my occasional series of Meditations and Addresses. Further information about these books is given below. 

Chichester Cathedral Lent Lectures 2021

During Lent 2021 I gave a series of seven lectures via Zoom for Chichester Cathedral based on my book Light in the Darkness. The text of the lectures can be read here.

Reflections during the Corona Pandemic

For a year – from Holy Week 2020 to Easter 2021 – I posted a weekly reflection which can be accessed on the Talks Page. 


FAITHFUL IS THE ONE WHO CALLS – Responding to the Call of God

The second decade of this millennium has not been a good time for the Church, scarred by the child abuse scandal and suffering a marked decline in Christian allegiance, especially in the ‘West’. At the same time there is widespread recognition of the moral vacuum that characterises our world and an enduring spiritual yearning for something deeper than materialism to shape our lives. The Christian message of speaks to this yearning, and despite its faults God calls the Church to respond. In these reflections, based on talks and courses given during the fourth decade of my ministry, I reflect on what it means to be called by God, and to all who would respond, they are offered as a resource and encouragement.
(Further information on the Books page. Available in the print version only. Copies (£5) may be ordered direct from me: click here. Oct ’21) 

I WAS THERE – The Meaning of the Story of Jesus told by those who were there

Jesus had an unforgettable impact on the lives of everyone he met. I Was There takes the reader imaginatively into the story of Jesus, exploring its meaning through the eyes of those who were there. We join Jethro as he hears Jesus teach at the lakeside, and Michal who was healed. We eavesdrop on Nathaniel and Omri, two Pharisees arguing about who Jesus is; we absorb the feelings and confusions of the disciples; and we share the joy of Mary Magdalene on the first Easter morning. As the drama unfolds, and its meaning explored, we are invited to enter into the story of Jesus and find in it meaning for our own lives. Illustrated.
(Further information on the Books page. Available in the print version only. Copies (£10) may be ordered direct from me: click here. July ’21)

LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS – Exploring the Path of Christian Hope

Light in the Darkness is an exploration of the path of Christian hope. Taking to heart the petition in the Lord’s Prayer that the Kingdom shall come on earth as it is in heaven, I explore what it means to place our hope in Christ: What does it mean for human society and for us individually if we really want heaven on earth? The Christian hope is often thought of simply as a hope for the life to come, but, I argue, if we are true to Jesus’ prayer, then our hope cannot be limited to the life to come, but is also for the life here and now – as the Christian Aid slogan put it, We believe in life before death.
(Further information on the Books page. Available in the print version only. Copies (£15) may be ordered direct from me: click here. Oct ’20)

MEDARD’S JOURNEY – a pilgrim’s journey

Published in the autumn of 2019, Médard’s Journey brings together the talks that I gave on the 2014 and 2019 pilgrimages. It is based on the experiences of two medieval pilgrims, Médard, a wool merchant from La Chaise Dieu, and Robert, Under-Steward to the Vicompte Beaucaire. The reflections help us to enter into the world of medieval pilgrimage, and to explore the spiritual journey of the two pilgrims – their questions and concerns have quite a contemporary ring! Details and a Review on the Pilgrimage page. Illustrated in colour.
((Further information on the Books page. Available in the print version only. Copies (£12) may be ordered direct from me: click here. Dec ’19)